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Post Teste Multiplos Autores

• Publicado em 15 de abril de 2021 – 23:10

Managing a multi-author blog comes with many challenges. It is harder to maintain consistent quality content, coordination of topics and posting schedules can get confusing, and don’t forget to mention the costs. In addition, anyone who runs a multi-author blog knows that WordPress lacks when it comes to certain functions.

One specific function that website owners should not have to stress about is the ability to credit multiple authors for one WordPress post.

Sometimes you might have multiple writers collaborating on a single article for your website. The problem is, out-of-the-box WordPress does not allow you to give credit to multiple authors for a single post, even if they worked together to publish it.

Today I will give you two very different options for crediting multiple authors for one WordPress post so that the stress of giving credit where credit is due goes away, and everyone involved is happy.




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